Software support RVM rotary valves

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We just decided to add the RVM rotary valves in a next step as add-on-device to the software.

More information about the rotary valves can be found here:

The P200-O can be added using USB cable to the computer, the P201-O with direct RS232 connection.
In the first step it will only be possible to connect the rotary valves to the PC – controlled by the PC. This is the way we will integrate other add-on-devices in future, too.
There is the possibility that we decide to add these functions additionally as devices connected to the USB port of the BMT controller to allow stand alone solutions, but this is still a future plan.

We will directly implement the complete valve head line: VD-6, VD-8, VD-10 and VD-12 as selection/distribution valves; VO-2 as ON/OFF valve and VS-4, VS-6 as switching/loop valves.

Of course we directly integrate the programming functions as known from the BMT controller and also add it to the new program grid view.

Each valve needs to be licensed for the software control.

Please contact us directly at if you are interested to join the beta testing.

PS: Here is our first draft....


  • New sample screenshots directly out of the development. The integration is stepping forward in a good way.

    3 connected RVM valves - selected VD-6 port:

    3 connected RVM valves - selected VD-8 port:

    3 connected RVM valves - selected VS-4 port:

    Program Grid sample view of 3 RVM valves:

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    The first implementation is available in the software version 0.224.
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