Getting started

Hello everybody,

We started this community platform to share experiences with the BMT controller and related items to enhance the development of fluidic systems. 

Discussing problems with settings or connections with the community will speed up finding a solution. For these kind of discussions, the following information are very helpful:

• Description of the failure

• Screenshot of the settings

• Program file (*.bmt)

• Version number of the controller software and the PC software

• Operation system information (OS version, Java version)

• Pictures of the pump / valve connections

Please feel free to also start discussions about new features and change requests here.

The latest version of the manual about the BMT controller and the PC software is published at our Wiki site:

Current version of BMT-Controller: 0.16

Current version of BMT-Software: 0.16

If you are interested in updating your controller and the PC-software, please contact us.

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